At BBAsesores, we understand the complexity and challenges that Brexit has posed to companies with operations in the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU). Our presence in both regions, based in the United Kingdom and Spain, positions us as a strategic partner to help you adapt to this new business reality.

At BBAsesores, we are committed to simplifying the complex post-Brexit landscape. Our experience and presence in both regions allow us to offer solutions adapted to the changing needs of your company. It doesn't matter if you are a UK or EU based business, we are here to guide you through these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.



UK companies that want to sell products in the EU

  • Impact Analysis on your Company: We evaluate the specific impact of Brexit on your company and its business operations.
  • Representation of your Company in the United Kingdom to Register: We offer local representation and support to facilitate the registration of your company in the EU.
  • Obtaining Registration: We guide you through the process of obtaining the registration necessary to continue operating in the EU.
  • Communications with the "Health and Safety Executive" (HSE): We facilitate communication and procedures with the HSE to comply with occupational health and safety regulations.

Companies based in the EU-27/EEA that buy or sell to UK companies

  • Transfer of Records and Adaptation to the New Situation: We help EU companies to transfer their records and adapt to the new post-Brexit situation.
  • Appointment of Representative and Regulatory Compliance: If necessary, we act as your representative in the EU and advise you on regulatory compliance.
  • Facilitating Imports and Exports: We work with EU companies that buy products in the UK to become EU importers and develop their registrations. We also help EU companies selling to the UK to notify and complete the required export formalities.