UK Reach

BB Asesores informs you that after the United Kingdom left the European Union, the new UK REACH regulation is in force and must be complied with if you want to sell chemicals in the United Kingdom.

In order to facilitate the transition from European REACH to the new UK REACH, a transitional period has been established for European manufacturers to continue exporting their products to the UK. To do this, they must carry out a “Downstream User Notification” (DUN) before October 28, 2021.

With the DUN, you can import into the UK without the need to register until the deadline established for each respective tonnage range, according to the following table:

Deadline Applies to
October 28, 2023 >1000 tons per year
>100 tons per year of substances dangerous for the environment
>1 tonne per year for very hazardous substances (SVHC and CMR)
October 28, 2025 >100 tons per year
October 28, 2027 >1 ton per year

As you can see, DUN is an opportunity to enter the transitional phase and continue to market substances and products in the UK avoiding registration for a few years. It does not imply fees, but to be able to do it, it is necessary to have a representative in the UK who acts as the owner, with its legal headquarters there.

At BB Asesores we have been following the progress of UK REACH from the beginning, collaborating with DEFRA in the development of the IT tools and the regulation. In addition to helping you with the administrative procedures, we have a legal headquarters located in London so we can act as representatives in the UK.

We are available to offer advice and collaboration in the regulatory adaptation to this new regulation.