Biocide manufacturers and formulators are continually looking for new formulas to put new products on the market. The regulations that affect biocidal products, the times in granting authorizations, the information required and the high costs, limit the availability of new products to market.

BB Asesores is a leading company in the management of authorizations of biocidal products and in forming groups of products to reduce costs of studies and preparation of authorization dossiers. We are specialists in sharing our experience with companies to collaborate in the search for the best strategies to launch new biocidal products on the market as quickly as possible, complying with applicable legislation.

At BBAsesores, we are committed to the efficient and effective management of biocidal products to comply with rigorous regulatory standards and guarantee the safety of the products that reach the market. Contact us for expert advice and ensure your products meet the highest standards.


Key Services

  • Registration of biocidal products and families of biocidal products in accordance with the BPR 528/2012 regulation.
  • Coordination of working groups / Consortia for joint registration of biocidal products.
  • Registrations of active substances (inclusion in article 95) in accordance with the BPR regulation 528/2012.
  • Coordination of Working Groups and Consortia
  • Registrations of active substances (inclusion in article 95) in accordance with the BPR regulation 528/2012.
  • Registration Processing as "Same Product"
  • Development of National Authorizations according to RD 3349/1983 and according to Second Transitory Provision of RD 1054/2002.
  • Product Registration by Simplified Procedure
  • Development and obtaining of the Official Registry of Biocidal Establishments and Services (ROESB).
  • Preparation of Risk Assessment Reports (Risk Assessment)
  • Registration of a product through the Union Authorization Procedure.
  • Processing the mutual recognition of the registration of a product and product families.

New Biocide Products

At BB Asesores we want to inform you of different possibilities to have new approved biocidal products or to continue marketing the ones you already have, containing the following active substances that have recently been approved for PT3 uses and PT4:

  • Benzalkonium chloride (68424-85-1),

  • Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (7173-51-5)

We will propose the groups in different concentrations and uses, alone or associated with other active substances already approved (glutaraldehyde, Isopropanol, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide) given the approval by ECHA for some of its uses.

In the same way, the possibility is opened for biocidal products with uses not yet approved (PT11-PT12) of active substances that were previously approved for other uses by BPR.< /p>

  • Hydrogen peroxide (CAS 7647-14-5),

  • Active chlorine from hypochlorite (CAS 7681-52-9)

We will propose possible authorization strategies for products with these substances for those companies that were left out of the market due to not submitting dossiers on time or that want to release new products for already approved uses. (PT1-PT2-PT4).

On the other hand, we will also inform about the possibility of obtaining national authorization for biocides with the active substance chlorine from hypochlorous acid, which are sold packaged, in order to share and optimize registration costs.